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QuietSphere offers a friendly, discreet and supportive online video programme and series of webinars to help students be more psychologically prepared and resilient when they first arrive at university and during their time as a student.

Our mission is to help students avoid reaching crisis point and to empower them to take a proactive approach to looking after their emotional wellbeing so they graduate with confidence, achieve their academic potential and get the most out of their student experience.



Positive relationships are key to this and our flagship programme ‘Soft Skills to Stand Out’ encourages students to be more self-aware in the relationships they encounter at university. In doing so they are better able develop the soft skills which will help them to have a more positive time at university and that are sought after by employers.

If your university is looking to build upon the student support services currently in place and for a more effective way to reach large numbers of students, QuietSphere Student Mentoring can help. To find out more about the options of working with us, please send a message using the form below or email universities@quietspherestudents.co.uk and we will get in touch.


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