QS Students

Visit QuietSphere’s YouTube channel to get free access to my ‘Soft Skills to Stand Out’ programme.  Find out how you can have more fun as a student, become more employable and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Be better able to cope with the challenges of university and independent living
  • Feel more comfortable meeting new people
  • Improve your chances of getting the grades you deserve
  • Become mentally stronger and happier
  • Build influential relationships with your lecturers and tutors
  • Feel less stressed and agitated when the unexpected comes up
  • Understand and learn from others to open your mind
  • Develop a better understanding of who you are
  • Be better able to negotiate and resolve conflict



In this series of interactive videos with expert advice to help you develop your soft skills, I cover: 

  • Practical and relevant tips on meeting new people
  • Insight into the world of lecturers and what they expect from their students
  • Guidance on how to avoid reaching crisis point with your studies
  • How you can contribute to happy home environment
  • Lessons on how to keep the peace if things aren’t going as planned in your student digs

Go through the videos, take action and get ready to experience positive change!

It won’t be easy and it will require you to overcome some of your fears and to get comfortable putting yourself out of your comfort zone. The growth that you will experience by doing this though will be worth it. If you’re willing to do this, then this programme is for you!

I hope you get as much out the videos as I did creating them and would love to hear how you get on. Email me at hello@quietspherestudents.co.uk

Love Natasha x 



Natasha has a wonderful calm and patient energy and is passionate about helping and encouraging others. I wish I could have a miniature Natasha on my shoulder, always there to help keep me on track health wise and steer me on the right path in life!
Jenna, University of the West of England graduate

Natasha has been extremely supportive and encouraging over my capabilities and strengths. She is a great mentor, whose boundless enthusiasm and positivity has helped me feel more confident.
Jessica, University of the West of England graduate

Natasha encouraged and supported me to follow my dreams and pursue an exciting career in the media industry. She gave me guidance to improve my CV, write a winning job application and build my confidence. Thanks to her professional expertise I managed to land a job at the BBC.
Tarik, City of Bristol College graduate