Stand out from the crowd!

Want to stand out from the crowd? 

Sign up to QuietSphere’s ‘Soft Skills to Stand Out and Building Relationships programme and discover benefits that will help you during your time as a student as well as making you more attractive to employers!

      • Be better able to negotiate and resolve conflictStudents engaging in lecture 350
      • Feel less stressed and agitated when the unexpected comes up
      • Understand and learn from others to open your mind
      • Become more employable
      • Feel more comfortable meeting new people
      • Develop a better understanding of who you are
      • Be better able to cope with the challenges of university and independent living
      • Be more confident building and maintaining positive relationships
      • Improve your chances of getting the grades you deserve
      • Become mentally stronger and happier

Getting a first won’t guarantee you get hired – the key to landing and keeping a job is ‘soft skills’. If another candidate has a lower grade than you, but has better soft skills, chances are they will be the one signing that employment contract…

What are soft skills and why are they so important?

Soft skills cover your people skills, your emotional intelligence, your communication skills and your attitudes. They include adaptability, problem solving and cultural sensitivity, and social interaction qualities such as empathy, self-awareness and care. They are what make the difference between a good employee and a great employee; an average leader and one that everyone looks up to.

They are essential because they are becoming increasingly valuable to employers and to stand out as a graduate you need to have them. Having the right technical or ‘hard skills’ for the job is not enough…


    • Competitive advantage in the next five to ten years will come from relationship building, cultural sensitivity and social interaction qualities (Oxford Economics Research, 2015).

    • There is progressive development of hard skills over the course of a three year degree, however there is little development of soft skills reported between first and third year students (Higher Education Academy, 2015).

    • 54% of firms believe that graduates are not prepared for work, a key reason being their lack of soft skills (57%)(British Chambers of Commerce, 2014).

With all the time, effort and money that goes into completing a degree, most students want to stand out from the crowd when they graduate and land their dream job…

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