Meet the experts

QuietSphere Student Mentoring works with a great team of specialist coaches, trainers and professionals who want you to get the most out of university and finding independence.


Natasha Hockney

Natasha Hockney, as the company founder, is dedicated to helping students be the best version of themselves. Having committed over a decade to her own personal development journey, she is well-informed on what it takes to look after our minds and bodies, live life with purpose and overcome the limiting beliefs that hold us back. She has put together the QuietSphere programme based on all that she has learned, the highs and lows of personal experience and four years finding out about the issues facing students today.

Rachel Bamber

Rachel Bamber is an expert in using powerful, brain-friendly strategies to deliver peak performance. She’s helped people all over the world to work with their brain to get what they want – faster and with less stress. Exactly what students need! Founder of Brighter Thinking, Rachel is the authority on building confidence, overcoming challenges and procrastination and getting the most out of a study session.

Jill Roberts

Jill Roberts is a well-respected relationship counsellor, stress management consultant and sleep expert. She runs Leamington Therapy and is passionate about helping others to overcome their fears and challenges and develop more positive relationships. Jill will be imparting her wisdom on how to manage house conflict, and giving advice on how to manage stress and sleep better particularly during those  stressful times of the academic year.

Daniel Britton

Daniel Britton is one of the UK’s foremost authorities on Financial Education. As an  award winning author and educator he combines practical experience from the financial world with an ability to make complex and dry topics, simple and fun. He is the creator of The Financial Fairy Tales series of children’s books, founder of The Personal Finance Academy and a lead partner in Wealth Builders a community of investors and financial experts.

Dr Rachel Stenner

Dr Rachel Stenner lectures in English Literature at the University of Sheffield.  As an educator and personal tutor to undergraduates she regularly supports and advises students in times of stress and success.  She is currently working on a project at the University to improve dialogue between academic departments and their students.  She brings to QuietSphere her expertise in the nitty gritty of university life along with her experience as a past student of three universities and survivor of four degrees.

Caroline Arnold

Caroline Arnold is an Executive Coach and expert in helping people become more confident in their professional and personal lives. As an HR lecturer at UWE from September 2016, she’ll be supporting students as they complete their degree and get a better understanding of what their future may look like. Caroline shares with QuietSphere her mastery of networking, coaching experience and corporate background giving students practical advice on how to build confidence and realise their full potential!

Marc Adams

Marc Adams is a guru of nutritional intelligence (NQ) – that paying attention to what we eat allows us the autonomy to transform who we are, how we look, how we perform, how we recover, how long we live, and even how we relate to the world and each other. He is committed to helping others make informed and intelligent daily food choices and will be sharing his knowledge to help students experience good health, be full of energy and power the brain!