Preparing for your first driving lesson

When it comes to independence one of the first things that a lot of young people think is learning to drive. It may be that you’re thinking about getting your licence before you start university, or you’re already a student and want to get your licence before you graduate to […]

The dark side of social media…

Are you aware of the impact that social media can have on your life? In a world where the internet and social media play a prevalent part in our lives, it’s important to understand the effects of this popular culture phenomenon. It helps to bring people together and allows us to share our thoughts, […]

Feeling stressed? Sshh, be quiet…. 2

When I first found out it was National Stress Awareness Day this week, I was planning to write about different ways of managing stress. Be mindful of what you eat, prioritise tasks, exercise; that kind of thing. I then watched ‘In Pursuit of Silence’ at the cinema, a docu-movie I’d […]