• We need friendship – the brain demands it! March 24, 2016 NatashaFour smilling friends lying with their heads together“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” – Aristotle Do you ever feel down if you haven’t seen your mates for a while, or that a tough situation seems impossible to deal with until you’ve spoken to a friend about it? The answer is more than likely yes, and there’s good reason ... read more
  • Why do we love our besties so much….? March 2, 2016 NatashaWhy do we love our besties so much….?   As humans, we’re social creatures, which mean we love to form social bonds with others and share the good times and the bad.  This is really important not only for us as individuals making our way through life, but also the importance for society cannot be underestimated. The causes of many social problems, from divorce to ... read more