• EU referendum turmoil and the need for open-mindedness July 16, 2016 NatashaEU referendum turmoil and the need for open-mindedness We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein A blog on the importance of being open-minded at university has been on my mind for a while now, and over the past few weeks I’ve realised just how important a topic it really is. What has happened since ... read more
  • Avoiding talking to new people? Here’s why this needs to change…! June 18, 2016 NatashaAvoiding talking to new people? Here's why this needs to change...!Summer is here, the season for festivals, holidays, hanging out with friends and summer work. With this brings opportunities to meet new people, which is great if you’re confident and more outgoing, but can be quite challenging if you’re not. We’d like to welcome our first guest blogger to QuietSphere, Nikki Elkin. Having overcome social ... read more
  • How to recover from exam stress June 1, 2016 NatashaHow to recover from exam stress Here we are at the start of June and I have a suspicion that for many of you reading this last month whizzed past, be it with exams, deadlines of one kind or another, or a generally busy schedule. And, I wonder if like me, you’ve felt like you need a really good break after ... read more
  • How to be a supportive friend through tough times April 28, 2016 NatashaHow to be a supportive friend through tough times One of the best things about friendship is having someone there to support us. Whether we’re simply missing home, struggling with work or are suffering with more serious mental health issues, we can turn to our friends in times of need. As a friend, you can make a genuine difference to how someone’s feeling and ... read more
  • Good Egg winner! April 11, 2016 NatashaGood Egg winner!Easter Sunday not only saw the clocks go forward, but it was also the day that Lucy Knights and her ‘good egg’ friend,  Fiona Hayward, won the fantastic QuietSphere #BristolEgg prize giveaway! The best project you’ll ever work on is you and the great range of prizes, including the QuietSphere programme and one on one coaching sessions with Rachel Bamber and ... read more