It’s been a while since the last blog post, but the information contained in this blog is still relevant and useful for your university journey!


  • Preparing for your first driving lesson February 19, 2017NatashaPreparing for your first driving lessonWhen it comes to independence one of the first things that a lot of young people think is learning to drive. It may be that you’re thinking about getting your licence before you start university, or you’re already a student and want to get your licence before you graduate to improve your job prospects. Whatever more
  • How are you feeling after Dry January? January 31, 2017NatashaHow are you feeling after Dry January? As January comes to an end it’s likely that those students who took part in Dry January will be feeling good for it, benefiting from the positive affects of alcoholic abstinence on their bodies and minds. If you took part, it’s worth reflecting on how you found not being able to drink and what your more
  • Finance ABCs to save you money! December 13, 2016NatashaFinance ABCs to save you money! What with it being the end of term and Christmas getting closer, you may be one of the many students across the country counting their pennies and contemplating living off baked beans until you go home for the Christmas break. There are a few things you can do during your time off to help get more
  • The dark side of social media… November 27, 2016NatashaThe dark side of social media...Are you aware of the impact that social media can have on your life? In a world where the internet and social media play a prevalent part in our lives, it’s important to understand the effects of this popular culture phenomenon. It helps to bring people together and allows us to share our thoughts, images and information on a level more
  • Feeling stressed? Sshh, be quiet…. November 2, 2016NatashaFeeling stressed? Sshh, be quiet….When I first found out it was National Stress Awareness Day this week, I was planning to write about different ways of managing stress. Be mindful of what you eat, prioritise tasks, exercise; that kind of thing. I then watched ‘In Pursuit of Silence’ at the cinema, a docu-movie I’d been waiting to see for more