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You’ve just moved to a new town or city, full of new people and ready to begin studying a new course. Your future here is FULL of opportunity, but this can all also be a daunting experience. Within the first few weeks, there are a few simple things you can do to prepare you for the next three or four years and set the foundations for an amazing time at uni. Our next blogger, recent graduate Natalie, is here to talk you through her tips for preparing to make the most out of uni, in the first couple of weeks. Get prepared and thanks Natalie!

Starting a new chapter at uni can be both hugely exciting and hugely daunting. More importantly, it should be both. It’s a great time to experience new things and you should grab every opportunity you get with two hands! Everyone tells you you’ll never have it so good again – although stress levels can run high, no one can complain at the lengthy holidays!

So to try and help you get the very most out of your university experience, here are my top five ways to prepare you for those first few weeks…

Speak to everyone
Whether you move into halls or stay in the luxury of home, get involved by meeting new people. These are people you will be spending A LOT of time with over the next few months, or even years, so building friendships is inevitable… make it easy for everyone involved and start them early. There are endless numbers of societies and clubs, and activities going on all the time, meaning there’s no reason for anyone to be bored or alone!

Take part in Freshers’ Week
It sounds cheesy, but all the activities at the start are a great way to meet people and break the ice with housemates and/or course mates. Several nights out and recovering with free pizza and student fairs is the preparation for uni life. But look after yourself too, freshers’ flu is no joke.

Explore your new home
Getting to grips with where you are can be really fun. I didn’t realise how great my Uni city was until the last year and it was such a waste, I wish I had established my surroundings before and found all the cool locations before it was too late to get round them all! I suggest getting a ‘bucket list’ going of nearby places, activities, restaurants and bars you want to go to… you’ll be able to get through them!

Find something to keep you busy
Most of us find ourselves with quite a bit of spare time at uni so find something that can keep you occupied. Universities usually have every possible club, group or society going, so no matter what your interest; there will be something for you. Something I found late in my uni career was the Schools Outreach team, which involved supporting a variety of workshops with local schools. Not just a way to make some money, it was a brilliant experience and now looks great on my CV.

Keep in touch with people from home
Your friends from home are likely to be embarking on a new chapter of their lives and facing similar challenges to you so keep in touch and help each other out. Uni can feel like the busiest and the loneliest place at times so make sure you don’t isolate yourself.

But overall, enjoy and embrace every second! There won’t be many more times when you can slob on the sofa all day and call it productive… I know I know, there’s many hours spent in the library too! Hope you have a great time on your student journey!



Hi, I’m Natalie. Having very recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University in Business Management & Marketing, the big, wide world of work is looming! I’m a home bird at heart, but I love to travel and explore new places, close to home and further afield. I have been blogging for a couple of years now and really enjoy sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences with others – hopefully they can help to support and inspire you! Please feel free to have a look! 



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